I was voted “Friendliest Girl,” in 8th grade (a few years ago haha). Trying to define myself (mid-life crisis thingy) at 41, I think this title is something I can’t shake (though girl no longer fits). You see, I often spend my days in “hermitude.” My kids leave for school and I work out alone (my solo zone), do housework, shop, work on the computer and then kids come home. My new title for Soldiers’ Angels is “New Media Director.” This means, I work with the social networking and blogs on the internet (Facebook, Twitter). So…yes, I do spend a lot of time “playing” on the computer. For a social butterfly, I really don’t mind being alone. And with the computer, there is another type of social world – never truly alone. Truly, in order to be effective for Social Media, you have to be SOCIAL!

I got back from my weekend from the International Chili Society in Charleston, WV and my head was spinning. I landed in my bed at midnight on Sunday night and could not sleep. Why? Well, I was so excited about all the people I met over the weekend. I was sent to WV to represent Soldiers’ Angels and hubby did not go with me partially because he knows part of my purpose was to network. Going “cold” to an event by yourself and only knowing 5 people is tough. However, I left the weekend having met so many wonderful people, exchanging a bunch of business cards and feeling embraced as part of the “Chili Family.” I love those people.

I’ve been polishing up my resume and wondering if I should add in my 8th grade superlative since it sort of still applies?

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