I’m going to be a bit preoccupied on the web until November 11th, raising money for Soldiers’ Angels Project Valour-IT. Since I’m on the leadership team for this project, I am trying to stay neutral this year. It is a friendly internet competition between the armed forces on-line. Each team tries to raise the most money and there is a little bit of trash-talking/photo shopping that goes on (I’m going to miss that part). 100% of the proceeds will be put towards the purchase and delivery of technology for our wounded heroes: voice-activated laptops, handheld GPS systems for those with traumatic brain injuries and Wii systems for physical therapy. It is a wonderful cause!!!

Of course, if you look on my sidebar you will see a widget for a certain team I may be secretly hoping wins:)


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  1. “…preoccupied on the web until September 11th,” Just guessing that you have the month wrong there. 🙂

    Best of luck with the project! I’ll do my best to promote it on Twitter.

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