I have felt sick over this since it hit the news and was unable to make myself write about it. We were stationed at Fort Hood from 2000-2002. The community was like no other and even though I did not live on post, the entire off-post community was military and gave you that sense of security. I never felt I had to lock my doors there and that everyone in town was a friend. I have the deepest sympathy for all those who lost a loved one, were wounded or are somehow touched by this. I weep for the families who now must go on without a loved one.

What do I think about the shooter? Do I think he had PTSD/secondary PTSD or anything like that? NO – that is total BS! We will see what unfolds about him, since unfortunately, he still lives while taking so many lives and wounding so many others. I believe we have a murderer who did it because he wanted to, whether in the name of religion or whatever else. He killed his brothers and sisters in arms because he is a murderer -period.

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  1. The shooter/killer probably did feel marginalized, but SO WHAT! Cry me a river. That’s no excuse to shoot innocent people. Blacks, women and gays have been working through the military’s culture for decades. Get in the back of the whine line you big baby!

  2. Personally, I don’t believe the excuse that shooter has PTSD. It sounds like an rationale a lawyer would make up. But regardless, what that coward did was inexcusable. If he’s given capital punishment, I would like to suggest beheading.

    To me a larger question concerns his former superiors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center who transferred him instead of kicking him out of the military. Secretary of Defense Gates should relieve them of command, just as he did other deadwood there a couple of years ago.

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