Update: As per recent comment – not complaining about anything. Just talking out loud on my blog which has always been referred to as my “free therapy.”

Update: Well, this video has over 7,000 hits as I write this. Not too shabby. I knew putting myself out there would not come without consequences. I’ve been a blogger for 5 years now and the comments I’ve had to moderate over the past 24 hours were the lowest of the low. Thanks goodness I’ve only had nice people on my blogs over the years. I have not agreed with many things on teh internets but have NEVER left a comment I would not stand behind that was not constructive and tasteful. Guess there are a lot of those people out there who hide behind false identities to be nasty on the internet. Good thing I’ve got my big girl panties on. Allowed: bitch, dumbass and the likes. Deleted: racial, sexually disgusting and whore. Oy – what have I got myself into???

I’ve got this little vlogging gig on Rightpundits now. The You Tube homepage can be found here. Hope you get a kick out of my latest video on Obama’s bow.

c/p at Hooah Wife & Friends & Louisiana Conservative

5 Replies to “My new video gig”

  1. Did’t you know that Obama is not bowing? He hurt his back shooting hoops for his TV sport fans. You put on teriffic stuff. Congratulations. Kiss my cuus-cous. Guess who?

  2. Well done! Definitely got a kick out of it. So much so in fact, that we’re running at Libertarian Republican.

    Eric Dondero, Publisher
    Libertarian Republican
    Houston, Texas
    USN Vet

  3. Honestly, what did you expect would happen? There’s no sense in crying in your beer about it now since this was clearly your choice to become involved or not. The world is made up of all types, most do not think, act or re-act as we would. Face the music and dance kiddo.

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