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  1. Hi Greta,

    I watched your video and I just had to say: Your advice to think about the big picture is exactly what we should be doing. You’re so right! We need to think about the fact that paying for our citizens preventative care will save us billions by keeping our nation healthy and at work rather than in the E.R. faced with bankruptcy causing medical bills. Who pays when the patient can’t? The government using our tax dollars!
    I would rather help pay for someone to see a doctor first and take care of whatever illness is manifesting itself from the start than pay for extremely expensive operations that they can’t afford later on down the line. I pay taxes to send my neighbours kids to public schools. Hopefully after graduating they can go on to help benefit our great nation. Why shouldn’t some of my taxes go to making sure their healthy. I pay taxes to make sure that if my house catches on fire the fire department will have the resources to put it out. Why shouldn’t I pay taxes so I can see a doctor who will keep me healthy.
    Our nations forefathers said that the government should “promote the general welfare.” Can you imagine the boon to our countries small businesses if they no longer had to worry about the crippling cost of providing health insurance to their employees. We have a lot to gain from this and I think you are right in saying we have to look at the bigger picture.


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