“There is no security on this earth, there is only opportunity.”
~General Douglas MacArthur~

2010 has been so fast and furious, that I have not even stopped to breathe. I stepped down from Soldiers’ Angels leadership (still Angeling though – Superbowl chili cookoff in Kosovo on the way), been offered a job and turned it down (they told me no blogging, radio or public political stuff -yuck), interviewed for another job and they may be a client for my new 2 week old business which came out of nowhere (well – not really but happened fast). Oh and there was the “dream job” that did not work out but all roads lead to something else – right? Today, I was told that we 2 more radio shows and I’d be off air due to programming shifting. But it was probably time to move on. Heck, how many people start radio at 40? Radio has been an awesome ride!!!! Oh, and my professional organizing business has been handed over to my business partner. Change is good!

Honestly, I am so good with everything, excited like a puppy dog and at peace at the same time. Since Ed and I decided to start our company, Yatmedia, it seems things have just fallen into place. It really does, it feels right. No longer do I feel restless like, “this is just a stepping-stone.” I’ll be 42 this March and when someone asks me what I do, I think I will be able to answer it comfortably. My previous answer was,”Lots of things that don’t pay the bills, but I really support the troops and veterans.” Burning bridges is something I’ve never done and hopefully my good reputation on-line and in real life will lead me to success. I will continue to be active int he military community and look forward to actually having a career!

The episode below, is from the Spongebob episode where he loses his identity. I felt like him a little bit over the past 2 years. But I found it now!!! Look out world!!!!!!

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  1. Congratulations, Greta, it sounds like you’re really happy with things! I wish you the very, very best with the new company. I’m sure it will be a huge success!

  2. like I’ve said, so many of you mil-spouses give it away too much. Many of y’all have incredible talent and skills, but you’re used to giving it away in support of your husbands’ careers. When they get out, y’all don’t know how to charge for skills you’ve been giving away. In your case, we will so fix that fast 🙂

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