We had an afternoon/evening family adventure with 800,000 of our closest friends (estimated amount in attendance today). The kids got out of school 2 hours early and we actually waited to get on the Causeway with all the fans. I decided to go the reverse route and though I moved slowly through the quarter, did not park too far from our final destination. Hubby’s work rented a room at Gordon Biersch and we had food and sodas while the kids and adults socialized. IT WAS PERFECT!!!! The parade did not hit our location until after 7:30 and it was cold but not too brutal. Yours truly endured 90% of the parade outside keeping an Eagle’s Eye on the kids (who kept jumping the barriers to get beads from the Saints players)! We did not get home until about 11 and the worst part was getting out of the parking lot. I was finally nice and let the monsters sleep in. I figured since I was one of the 60% that made my kids go to school Monday, they would get rewarded today. We were thrilled to be part of this and so proud of the Saints!

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  1. I watched the parade on NOLA.com so eventhough I am here NOT there I got to watch the Parade!.. I am still a crying,smiling, yee haw yelling mess of emotions about our saints! I have been a proud Who Dat since 1983 when I moved to Nola and gosh to see our boys now is an amazing thing! So proud of the city, the entire gulf region, the players,management etc. Thanks for sharing your story Princess of positive!…

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