I get lots of emails from people visiting from out of town, asking what they should do while they are here. It is always tough to pin that down as everyone is so different. We have lived here for 3 years now and I still have a huge bucket list of things I have not done and places I want to eat and drink. This post will just tell you about some things my husband and I did during a 24 hour visit to the Quarter.

Hotel Monteleone: @hotelmonteleone Here is my review of the hotel stay. It was amazing!

Carousel Bar in the Hotel Monteleone: @carouselbar Marv, the day bartender for the Carousel Bar is one of my favorite New Orleans personalities. He was not there when we arrived, but Mike took very good care of us. I had a Sidecar and hubby had a dirty martini while our friends enjoyed Sazeracs and a variety of other drinks. -10

Antoine’s Restaurant: See review here.

Hermes Bar at Antoine’s Restaurant: I love this bar. It was my second time there and my first time with live entertainment. We really enjoyed ourselves, but the temperature dropped a bit and the doors were all open, so we headed out earlier than we normally would have for our next destination.

Old Absinthe House: This place is always great! We got a seat next to the fireplace and we all really enjoyed the background music there. I was pacing myself, otherwise wouldl have ordered the Irish Coffee. Our friends loves their Frappes and everyone else went for beer.

Davenport Lounge at the Ritz-Carlton : Our friends love ending their evenings in the French Quarter listening to Jeremy Davenport and having a bottle of champagne. WOW, this was our first time doing that and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Jeremy and his bad are fantastic and very entertaining. I hit the dance floor once and would have more if asked. Our group ordered champagne, but I was on the only water diet by then. Daniel Victory, a wonderful guy and famous bartender at the Ritz was there of course. Good to see him and I give him a smooch. Lights were out there about 1:30 and it was daylight savings, so time to head back to the hotel.

Lucky Dogs: Hubby’s French Quarter tradition is to get a chili dog with onions on the way home. I’m grossed out by the whole thing, but he loves it!

Cafe’ Fleur De Lis: Marv (the bartender) gave us a couple of suggestions for a non-brunch breakfast. This is now my new favorite diner in the Quarter. It is a little crazy there. You wait in line and do not get a table until you order. Everything is pretty well times down to a science and after you order, there is a table available. We laughed when we saw people getting scolded for breaking protocol. We almost did, but realized when a table came available that everyone in line just stood there. The spinach and feta cheese omelet was to die for and hubby got a traditional breakfast.

The French Quarter: Since it was about 70 degrees out, hubby and I were anxious to stroll through the Quarter before our return home. I really had the itch to clothes and shoe shop, but he was not going to have it. So we settled for walking hand in hand down Chartres to Jackson Square, seeing all the artwork and interesting people and walking back on Royal to check out.

Overall, the perfect getaway. Wouldn’t have changed a thing!

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  1. It all sounds wonderful, I’m so glad that you had a good time.

    Congratulations to Brett for arranging such a great outing. I’ll be sure to tell Golf Guy who he should thank for the new standard that he has to live up to for my birthdays! LOL!

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