VOTE VILLERE!!!!!! See my previous posts on this here and here.

I could not resist sharing this little poem from the forums today (typos and all).

14670. Twas the Night Before Election
by shoerack, 3/26/10 2:53 ET
Twas the night before the election and all through the city all the creatures were stirring especially ole Tribly. The postings were made and the voters now know how incredbly guilty of taxes she paid low. The chairs were all empty at frequent restaurants and bars, the crooks were over at Tribly’s scheming to cover the scars. The St Tammany Parish Schools are still numner one in the state lets hope Villere is elected and makes Mandeville a better place. Ive almost had accidents at intersections where Trilbys big signs blocked my view, certainly if an acident happens Trilby will be sued. I hope it wont be a situation where I have to take a number and stand in line, especailly if I happen to break my old spine. Trilby give it up because even if you win there wont be day where someone’s not out exposing your sins.