*** Hubby’s birthday was last week and for a surprise, I catered lunch of Corky’s BBQ to his office of 100. Everything was awesome and this vegetarian heard from EVERYONE that the food was absolutely out of this world! Seems hubby’s office is full of a few blabbbermouths as he knew something was up. Mainly the email that said, “Sorry I can’t attend your birthday luncheon.” D’oh!

*** Blogging slow these days as life is getting in the way. But…in a good way! My business Yatmedia is doing fantabulous! I’m thrilled!!!! Woot woot! A couple of clients I can reveal, Delta Bravo Sierra and National Military Spouse Network. This is too much fun to be work!

*** Kids are on Spring Break (seems they are always out of school for something) and my parents are visiting. Thank goodness for the perfect weather. The pool is heated and lots to do with them this week! We have a handicapped placard from out of state for Dad and I got some great parking right across from Cafe’ Du Monde. We took a mule/carriage ride in the Quarter yesterday ($15 adult, $8 10 and under) and my parents and my kids really enjoyed it (as did I). Believe it or not, we never did one before. We then walked over to a band playing in front of the Cabildo and Dad was singing and clapping as he knew every song while Mom ducked into a few shops. The kids feasted on Lucky Dogs. Then we headed to Cafe’ Du Monde for some beignets, hot chocolate and coffee. We fit a lot into a 2 hour trip and it went off without a hitch!

*** Saturday night, Sir JJ picked Restaurante da Piero to dine. Being a vegetarian (who does eat fish – nothing that walked), he is always worried about menus for me and knew there were several choices for me there. Frankly, I could live on salad…but nonetheless, he worries. This quaint restaurant is located in Kenner in a cute little house. The atmosphere inside is cozy, elegant and comfortable with major Italian influence. JJ selected this restaurant because of the menu and the fact that you get live Italian opera singing while dining. My pictures did not come out very good and the website has some much better. I ordered a spinach and ricotta ravioli with a sweet and light sauce that was spectacular. JJ ordered rabbit with beautiful presentation (something about ordering rabbit near Easter seemed just wrong). They had a great wine selection, good service and the food was a winner. We split a Crème brûlée that was in a smaller bowl than it is usually served in, but the creamy goodness under the top layer was just perfect as was the coffee and company. A great atmosphere to enjoy a night of dining for sure. I really enjoyed the live singing and the singer also educated us on what he sang. A must try Italian restaurante!

***Copeland’s Social City was on my list of bars to visit. My friend Jennifer and I met for a drink after my dinner Saturday night. The bar was not very crowded for a Saturday night and we had our pick of cozy couch seats throughout the bar with pillows to get all comfy to kick back. I enjoyed one of their signature drinks called “porn star” and Jennifer had a chardonnay. There was decent background music that is not not too overpowering, TV’s throughout the bar and the bar itself is very cool and modern.

*** Mandeville politics is as exciting as ever. The candidate I wanted to win the Mayor’s race did so by just 4 votes. Obviously in this case, there is a recount in order. We will see…..And yes, he spent way less money than his opponent. Interesting for sure.

*** My Right Punidts video gig is going great. They provide the topic each week and give me the creative freedom to just go at it. I’m not thrilled with this week’s video, but with company and kids home…I got it done:)

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  1. Don’t believe everything told to you by a buggy driver! They make stuff up when it comes to our history. Good for entertainment value however but not for historic accuracy!

  2. Heh Barbara, my dad used to be a tour guide in Boston. My son’s name was on the tour for years as one of those who frequented a tavern with John Quincy Adams! LOL!

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