No, I do not listen to tunes, text or talk on the phone when I cycle, but I need to have my iPhone handy. Sometimes my kids need to get a hold of me and I also like to set a timer for rides. I’ve been training hard for my upcoming ride and using the Detours Mini Midge S to hold it. The clear pocket is nice, but the rounded bottom was awkward for the iPhone and made it stick out just a tad, enough to get wet. I’ve had the pack for about 6 months and it also fits enough snacks and an inhaler in there to make it very handy and useful. The rubber cable around it snapped, so I contacted the company Detours. Somehow I got 2 customer service responses. One was just to send me a new rubber cable and the other, the new revised Digi Midge F M $25, perfect for the iPhone pouch. I’m a very happy camper now and this company will get my business in the near future. As you can see, I have both packs attached for the ride this week and will make full use of them!

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