I’ve been on-line saying we should all be coming together for the oil spill. Contain it, clean it up and point fingers later. Yes – Kumbaya for now with politicians etc… But, this is a little different.

Doing the popular thing in Louisiana is to continue to bash the evil empire called the Army Corps of Engineers. After all, they are responsible for everything negative in the state – everything (sarcasm inserted here). Most people will drink that Kool-Aid with a little rum here in Louisiana, but not this camper. Heck, my other blog’s tagline is, “We don’t drink the Kool-Aid, we pee in it.” Seriously folks, I have stuck up for David Vitter on the airwaves, in writing, in person and I only met him once at a town hall meeting. I like most of his politics and have always believed him to be a strong supporter of our men and women in uniform and our veterans. Everyone who knows me, knows I have a passion for politics and the military. Those worlds have collided when I read this editorial written by U.S. Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D.

I’ve always stated publicly that I don’t give a rat’s ass what any celebrity or politician does in their bedroom, including Vitter. But….screeching halt on hall passes from me…when you screw with someone’s military career. David Vitter has crossed a serious line. Seriously, WTF? Brigadier General Michael J. Walsh, the Missisppi Valley Division Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers. Yes, the same one Barbara Boxer famously asked to not to call her Ma’am. Well, for the past 7 months he was supposed to get promoted but David Vitter has blocked it. This is a decorated combat veteran here who has only served a portion of his career in the Corps. David Vitter is putting the halts on it because…well…he hates the Corps. Making the excuse that the Corps is withholding information – not going to fly. Fercryingoutloud…how stupid do you think we are? The local Corps lifeline is through Senators wanting projects in our state. Why would the Corps deliberately piss of off the guy that provides their funding?

OK David, if you or your office read this, remember this is not a pissing contest. This is someone’s career. Back off and let him get promoted. As it stands, you have the next election in the bag. There is nothing to gain here, just something to lose, your reputation as a troop supporter. You do not want to be known as “that” Senator who stopped a great man from being promoted because you had a grudge against his organization. Step back, re-evaluate and move forward!

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