My Facebook wall is always rocking. I love all the responses I get from questions. This one produced enough great material worthy of a blog post. Feel free to comment with your favorite expression. Friend me:)

All y’all
sittin’ in tall cotton
Well bless your heart!
fixin’ to
The South gonna rise agin!!
“Thannnnnnk ewe ever so muuuu-uuuuch!”
We push buttons up here. Ya’ll mash them.
And we push buggies when we make groceries!
“it’s just up the road a piece”
“just go down the bayou, you’ll see it on the right”
How’s ya momma n dem?
More crooked than a dog’s hind leg.
Had to go ’round my elbow to get to mah thumb!
She’s wearing that back side outwards!
“Just around the corner”…….when you know damn well its really not!!!!
Yesterday at 1:56pm ยท
fixin’ to think about gettin’ ready to…
Well I’ll Be
I don’t use any of these. I do, however, have a brake tag on my car.
Take your shoes off’n set a spell.
widjadidja….as in “you didn’t bring it wid ja did ya? This is actually more AL than LA!
Bless your heart.
“hey y’all watch this!” because it usually involves beer beforehand, a spectacular failure and hospital trip afterward!
In my experience, that phrase is usually followed by “Here… hold my beer”. And yeah, it precedes some sort of spectacular and often painful result.
Well Butter my Biscuits!
Oh my gravy !
“She’s a cute lil heifer.”
“That dawg will hunt.”
“Bless his/her heart.”
“Hot Damn” Except it sounds more like “Hotam”.
ya’ll want to go to the curb store?
My third grade teacher “always said so and so it catin’ like a chicken with it head cut off!” when someone was acting out…And of course – “Three sheets to the wind.”
ain’t dat de truth!
“Move it, milk it, or put a fence around it, but git it outta the road!” and “Gimme some sugar”.
well butter my buns and call me a biscuit
“Hurry up ya’ll, Piggly Wiggly’s bout to close” ๐Ÿ™‚
Close contest between “hornswaggled”, “What in tarnation?”, or “pigbuttle” (which is the noun form of “hornswaggled”).
“can I call ya darlin”
holy moly wata ya doin ?? Im gonna slap ur ayes rite outta ur head..
That’s their tale, I am gonna sit on mine!

Here in NC there’s: carryin’ (aka driving), I’m carryin’ my mom to the doctor today. When the kids friends ask if I can “carry them home”, I reply with “No sorry, you’re too heavy.” There’s also: “get gone”, You better have some of that pie before it gets gone. Another favorite is: “Put it up” (aka put away or hand in). The teachers are … See Morefamous for saying, “Put up your homework. or, You better put up your phone before I take it away.” And the ultimate, said by many school principals, “On tomorrow”. “The baseball game will start at 4pm on tomorrow.” I sure miss the way they talk normally back in NY.

Bless his heart when you mean he is so dumb he just can’t help himself
who stuck the burr under your saddle?
“Can I ax y’all a question?”
“I reckon” and the word “vittles”
I’m “fixin” to do …… and “pull the door to” (Where are you gonna pull it to?)
Lol! I say “Bless your/his/her heart” ALL the time ๐Ÿ˜€
“Shugah dumplin’ ” is a fav– also, when something is a mess it “looks like a bull’s ass sewn up with a grapevine” or “scattered from hell to breakfast.” When something is surprising “Well don’t that just take the rag off the bush.”
Somewhere down yonder.
All phrases my grandma said; “I reckon”, “what in Sam Hill?” “stop that carrying on”, “pull up yer britches”, ya don’t have lick of sense”, “he’s ornery” and “if I had my druthers, I’d druther not pick a faverite. She never said these together like that. I swear on a stack of bibles.

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  1. I started to tally up all the ones that I’ve personally said or heard just today but I lost count. ;-P

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