I am currently traveling throughout Europe with my 13 year old son on an EF Tours trip. We will be in Paris, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. I will be tweeting, Foursquaring and Brightkiting my way across Europe for the next 12 days. I will also have updates on my Facebook page if you want to follow along! Apologies ahead of time if I do not respond back. The data plan for my iPhone is not cheap and I will be using it sparingly and searching for WiFi spots. OMG 12 days without a computer!!! And if you are wondering what I do for work – I am co-owner of a social media consulting company, Yatmedia LLC.

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  1. Princess: I don’t know if yiu will receive this. Sounds as though you are having fun. That’s great. Continue to enjoy yourself and hurry back. LY

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