I have this “hawt” friend (I’m married but not dead), who is old school with technology but has mastered his craft. The other day I explained to him why he needed to be on Facebook. It was a pretty straight forward explanation – plea. I put up something on my FB wall that he did and credited him, but could not “tag” him. If he was on there, I would have tagged him, my 2,000 plus FB friends would have seen how cute he is and some would have “friended” him. He would possibly get more clients or at least get his brand out there more. Sex sells – always has, always will. If you have something or can add the allure of sex to your audience, you may be more successful. Now there are no guarantees the method to my madness would work, but it sure as heck it would not hurt! All he would have to lose is the time spent nurturing his Facebook account or heck, some $ by hiring Yatmedia to run it for him.

Take my social media PR machine friends at Ranger Up for example. They sell apparel and their target population is young military guys into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). So how do they sell stuff? By creating Ranger up chicks of course! Putting this over 40 lady (me) into their clothing to try and sell it would not work with their target audience. But, there are stragglers who would buy their product, like the over 40 guy or the woman buying shirts for her son or husband, so other avenues may not be ruled out for marketing (wink wink haha).

Now this is funny….a couple of weeks ago I put up a link to an article about the sex activity among iPhone users vs. Droid & Blackberry users on my Facebook wall. Amazingly, my FB friends confessed that they clicked the link only because the picture looked like the lady was showing her nipple. Men and women were both so curious that they were clicking away. Interesting….was it meant to allure you to click or was it an accident? If you must see the picture in question…(and I know you will want to look)…click here. You know you will LOL! So in this case, the topic was about sex and the alluring picture of sex brought more readers.

Now to do some actual research for this post (hehe), I asked on my FB wall if sex still sells. Wow – the conversation went mad (as it usually does). And though not a scientific study, overwhelmingly everyone believed it indeed does. While talking about scientific studies and social media…let me fill you in on a little secret…. There are a gazillion people out there saying they are social media experts and they will guarantee you this or that. Social media changes when the wind blows. Every day there is a new something or other and metrics don’t catch up fast enough. But we do know one thing at Yatmedia, we know social media, we make “adult decisions” about how to present your brand/product on the web in a way that makes sense. We do use metrics, but mostly we proceed with commons sense. Now sex is not going to work with all products or target audiences, as a matter of fact, it would be downright inappropriate in some cases, but it can work. Yatmedia has been open since January and none of our clients have had the need to “sex up” their campaigns on-line. We would love to work with you, your brand, your cause, your on-line presence. And yes…we would be happy to “sex it up” if we need to!

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