My good friend JP over at Milblogging, referred Sears PR to me when were looking for a Milblogger in New Orleans to cover an amazing project through Rebuilding Together called “Fifty for Five.” Well, I fit the bill perfectly as someone who is influential (hopefully a good influence haha) through in social media avenues and connected to the military through Soldiers’ Angels and various other organizations. Sears is one of the corporate sponsors of this program, but it involves a plethora of other companies, organizations and individuals to make this happen. Beginning today, I will be on a blogging journey as I become part of the media team to cover “Fifty for Five.” This program represents 50 houses being built in Gentilly for the 5 year Hurricane Katrina Anniversary. Gentilly experienced severe devastation as a result of the collapse of the London Avenue Canal Wall.
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****Disclaimer: I am not getting paid to blog about this program. But, Sears is sponsoring my hotel, food and expenses while I cover the event in New Orleans.

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