If you have been following along the most amazing program I had the privilege of being part of Fifty for Five, here is post #4 of the 5 that I agreed to write. The week before the Katrina Anniversary, people and businesses local and from all over the country, came to help rebuild 50 homes in Gentilly. Sears Holdings Corporation sponsored my visit because they wanted to tell me about their program Heroes at Home and of course in turn, tell my readers about it (and my social media big mouth). You know how when you check out of Sear or Kmart, they ask if you would like to donate a dollar for Heroes at Home? Well, because EVERY retailer has a fund when you check out these days, you either say yes or no, depending on your mood or if you have an extra buck that day. Sears wanted to explain this program so I could “preach the gospel” if I was impressed with it. Well……I will never hesitate to give $1 at the checkout for this program again because I saw first hand what they do and learned enough about it to say WOW! 90% of the money donated to Heroes at Home goes directly to the project which in my book = A++

Thomas Aiello, who is the Division VP for PR for Sears Holdings Corporation, and I spent a lot of time chatting. Turns out, once again, that the military world is small and we share many friends and acquaintances. Tom is a 93 West Point Grad (my hubby is 85) and served 5 years in the military. When he got out, he continued his education and went into advertising. In 2008, Tom joined Sears and is proud and to be able to have a job that allows him to give back to the military. He boasted about how well they treat the many National Guard and Veterans they employ. Also – they match the pay of deployed Guard so their families will not suffer hardship when pay cuts come into play. OK – I’m sold. Then Heroes at Home…well….double sold.

We (myself and the other bloggers) also had the opportunity to help rebuild a home one day. I was assigned to the home of Charles “Charlie” Howell, a veteran who served after WWII. He lived in his Gentilly since 1966 and even cared for his mother in it. His family would like him to move to Slidell but he refuses. He explained, “I was born in Gentilly and I’ll die in Gentilly.” Our goal was to build him a privacy fence as the homes on either side of him are blighted properties. All I can say is…he was a character and a half and very appreciative! His neighbor’s fence was also being worked on…and I tell you….these guys are so fortunate to understand the meaning of the word neighbor (but oy – hard to get a word in edgewise hahaha). After Katrina, they worked to fix and rebuild each other’s homes the best they could. Now they needed some extra help and if it was not for the darn rain – we would have finished that fence. But Rebuilding Together vowed to finish it ASAP.

BTW – Sears also donated the ENERGY STAR appliances to the homes being rebuilt that week. Thumbs up!!!

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c/p Hooah Wife