I want to wrap up my final post about my experience with Heroes at Home, Sears and Rebuilding Together to tell you something about my volunteer experience. I have been volunteering since I was a Candy Striper in high school. I think part of life involves giving back, it is a sense sense of duty. But often with it comes with lagniappe in the form of warm fuzzies or great experiences. Beside meeting some great young kids from Americorps who edumacated me all about their program, some great volunteers from WD40, I met a group of women who welcomed me into their “Circle of Friends” with open arms. We had more fun building a fence than should be humanly allowed! So ya…besides building a fence for a wonderful veteran named “Charlie,” I walked a way with a new group of friends. I am truly blessed!

My new friends: Jenny, Robin, DeNeice, Alicia and Morgan

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