So the little angels had a day off from school on Friday October 1st for St. Tammany Parish Fair School Day. They have all kinds of events at the fair and offer a $15 ride pass from 10-3 that day. Once again, I was coaxed into going and once again – said NEVER AGAIN! To be fair, I will tell you the truth – I am not a fair person (I can see your look of surprise). Never have been – never will be. I like amusement parks – but fairs – nope. As for fair food – not so much a fan either (thought I toyed with the idea of a fried Oreo & passed). Now the kiddos all had a fabulous time, despite some whining and one getting sick for the second year in a row. OK – I admit – people watching is fun…but beyond that – fairs are just not my cup of tea. And yes…I have been to fairs all over the country with the kids from the time they were babies. Heck – they love seeing all the animals and I remember very cool shows at the Austin Fair. Anyhoo – I spoke to my neighbor (a former St. Tammany Parish teacher) about the time-honored tradition of the kids having school off for the fair (I was not quite getting it). She said it was a great thing for so many of the outlying Parish communities where the kids are really into their animals. OK – I guess I get that. For the rest of the kids – a day off and time to see their art exhibits and have fun. OK – I am not really a picky or high maintenance person (my husband will confirm) – but filth is never necessary. For the second year in a row I took a picture of the trash can overflowing at the fair with garbage on the ground. I really do not think it is too much to ask for 2 things from a fair: (1) cleanliness – hire ground crews fercryigoutloud and (2) safe rides. Ugh – seeing rust on the chair swing chains made my stomach sick. So listen up St Tammany – I am all for keeping time-honored traditions, but PLEASE do not let the basics fly just because, “Fairs are always that way.” We can do better!

Picture from 2010

Picture from 2009

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  1. Ugh, gross! But at least it seems to be all in ONE pile instead of strewed about all over the grounds. I hate fairs too Greta. You are not alone. I refuse to go.

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