Hubby and I have been really trying to stay close to home for quick nights out on either a date night or with the family.

Cafe Lynn
Traditional Louisiana food perfected in my backyard! Seriously, I pass this place every day and it has never looked inviting to me. After all, it is an old BK and inside it still reminded me of one – with the addition of the white tablecloths. But my neighbors swear by it as does every person who has dined there. Hubby usually wants to head to the Southshore for date nights, but I begged him to stay local and try this. Well, we LOVED IT! Now, we were very lucky the room was not full as I would not have enjoyed someone sitting so closely at the table next to us. The service was very good and we enjoyed the entire meal, the proximity to home and thought the prices were reasonable for this type of quality dinner. We will be sure to become repeat customers and maybe even try them for lunch! This is not a restaurant I would consider bringing the kids to – not for them but perfect for couples!

The Barley Oak
Old world decor done perfectly to this lakefront addition. We loved the beer selection and found ourselves a couch in front of a TV sipping away. A great place to hang out with friends or as a couple and have a few cool ones!

Louie and The Redheaded Lady
Besides us having to wait way too long…we all really enjoyed the breakfast there. It is not a $ or traditional iHop style breakfast place, but rather Southern and delish – so very unlikely we will be taking the kiddos back there. And yes – they are getting ready to open one in Covington too. I have enjoyed lunch there as well.

Beach House Bar and Grill
We had been there when it was Lucy’s and were always disappointed. I wanted a nicer date night, but hubby won with true casual. Now the food was delicious and the service was very good. This is a great place for casual dining, having a few drinks, watching a game and bringing the whole family..not for a romantic dinner (LOL). And nothing beats dining outside on their huge porch. My only recommendation is that they provide flashlights to read the menu. Thank goodness for iPhone flashlights:)

Ristorante Carmelo
We decided to have a family night and headed to Carmelo. It is right across the street and was on our list of “must tries.” I will give this review a break as they obviously had issues that night that they need to work out. They had a wine party going on in the next room and the main dining was obviously short on staff. We waited…and waited…and waited…. You know how fun that can be with kids. We enjoyed the food a bunch but the service left us with a bad taste in our mouth. Will have to give it another try later.

The Wine Loft (previous review here)
We bought a coupon from and popped over there for appetizers and drinks. The food was delicious and the portions were huge! And of course, they have an excellent bar! We were also able to catch a game and early in the evening it is pretty empty. A great place to get cozy and relax!ta

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