Deciding to send you over to Yatmedia to read this post – since I made a few corrections. I apologize as I usually never remove a post. Yatmedia is done in Drupal and I am still learning that platform – so it is easier to post here first. I want this post to get some recognition for the wounded hero and his family’s sake – so putting it in one place makes sense too.

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  1. Secretary Gates has recently talked about the disconnect between the majority of the American public, and the military and those serving. As the wife of a Reservist deployed to Afghanistan for 18months, and now Iraq for the next 6, I can tell you there is a disconnect. So many people feel that this war is George Bush’s war, or the military’s war, and has little to do with them. When they sing the Star Spangled banner, they do so never having experienced “the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air,” and they do not realize the true nature of the enemy, nor do they realize that they are personally in their gun sights. I sense a waning of patriotism. This morning the news spoke of $700 billion being being given to staff people of the White House for walking around money… and the money doing that…. walking…. but you should hear the commotion over an $8 billion budget of operations for the military for one year….. So few, standing and sacrificing for so many, and there is a growing disconnect.

    However the magnificence of this family was clear to anyone who saw it up close. That Soldier is incredible… and giving and inspiring still. Hoo-ah!!!

    By the way, my Soldier is from Westwego, has 30 years in, and was awarded the Bronze Star last spring for his service in Afghanistan.

  2. Debra – my heartfelt thanks to your Soldier for his many years of valiant service. Also thanks to you for your obvious continued sense of Patriotism. I am sure it rubs off on all you touch! Hooah!

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