What is your favorite restaurant in New Orleans? A client from out of town asked me that very question the other day and my response was, “You can’t get a bad meal here. The Brennans restaurants are great but there are so many others.” Dining in New Orleans is an experience like no other in the country world. When someone asked me on Facebook today, “What is the ONE restaurant his wife must have a meal at when she visits NOLA this month?” Well…since I already know I am terrible at picking, I crowdsourced to my NOLA Tweeple.You ready for their feedback?

@soulprncs3 Why choose only one? Tell them that eating in NOLA is the tourist attraction. Obviously, I can’t pick just one. 😉
@nolanotes That is the beauty of NOLA–there is NO ONE definitive restaurant. MANY places are fab! Give them a list!
@yatpundit they must eat at @greengoddessFQ and @katiesmidcity
@keltick13 Patois… without a doubt.
@RobinHEdwards Patois… without a doubt.
@soulprncs3 I’m not fond of Commanders. I do like Brennan’s or Dickie Brennan’s.
@tshumbie too many to choose…mandina’s, patois, napoleon house, commander’s, dooky chase….
@nolanotes Some swear by Commanders. Brennans for brunch; Mr. B’s is really nice…
@liprap Took Dan to Le Foret for his birthday. That place is the bomb. Also Dominique’s on Magazine. #nolarestaurants
@kedexB Yo Mama’s Bar and Grill!
@orissandboots I second Mr. B’s!! BBQ shrimp is the very best!
@504designstudio GW Finns, Crabby Jacks, Arnaud’s…. I could go on and on…..
@rmadere Pascal Manale’s! Go for the BBQ shrimp! Tujague’s on Friday Afternoon and be gypsies in the palace.
@mindymoo co-sign on Le Foret. Outstanding!
@ceslsu1 It’s a hole in the wall but I think Surrey’s on Magazine is pretty darn good!
@nativepalate Restaurant August and Parkway Bakery. 🙂

Me – I said Commander’s Palace, but I was torn between many others. So the answer is… you must try them all yourself and eat out a lot while you are here!!!!!

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