Update Correction: Kai from Branchout pointed out that you can edit the picture on your BranchOut profile to be different from your Facebook picture.

LinkedIn was almost as neglected as MySpace until very recently for many. Now that it is making a huge comeback, along comes the Facebook application for BranchOut. My friend sent me an invite the other day and I jumped at the chance of exploring (while cursing her for sucking up more of my time). But hence…I spend so much time on Facebook for myself and for clients, this one seemed like a no brainer! I added the application invite from her and YAY – a shiny gold ribbon appeared with the title of “Super Connector.”

If you add the application, it will show up on the left column of your Facebook homepage.

BranchOut does not replace LinkedIn, but allows you to integrate your LinkedIn professional world to your personal Facebook world (see warning at bottom of post). Heck – this may actually bring me one step closer to world domination. But UGH – if you have a sucky LinkedIn profile, you will have the same sucky profile on BranchOut! After I fixed up my profile, I then gave the 5 endorsements it suggested I give for some new level or such. Since so few people have it, it was tough to find those who I know professionally. It is a little awkward to endorse people you know as a friend on Facebook but know nothing about professionally. I may just start writing endorsement like, “Bob is a great Facebooker and always has great statuses” (insert evil laugh here).

Annoyingly, I clicked on a bunch of invites to some of my Facebook friends….which I never do! The invites showed up on their wall just like those stupid game applications (until you block them). I would like to apologize to all my friends now as that is not how I usually roll…but I had to experiment and dangit…I want the platinum ribbon!!!!
Overall, I think this just makes sense and reminds us once once again (in case you forgot for 2 seconds) that Facebook and Google own us (and cats)!

***WARNINGS: 1. If you keep your personal Facebook life separate from your professional life…do not add this application!!! 2. Your Facebook profile picture of the moment will be your BranchOut picture! Think twice before adding that picture of you chugging a beer with facepaint on!

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  1. Of course you can always change that beer chugging photo on BranchOut to something more professional. You can change the picture on the edit profile page 😀 Great post, thanks. -Kai F

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