Well, I finally broke my upbringing way of calling it a “pocketbook.” No matter what you call it, I love handbags, purses etc… Of course, I am not the typical purse chick. I usually buy one per season and use the hell out of it. I do not switch back and forth, unless it is for a special night on the town. Anyhoo, several years ago I was in Las Vegas and found this kiosk in the mall for this line of funky purses called Vittorio.. It was love at first sight and there I bought my first one. As seasons change and yours truly is not so kind to my purses, I find myself on (I think) my 4th or 5th Vittorio purse (I also have a wristlet). They actually have been used more than one season from time to time as they are such good quality that they truly last. I am always overwhelmed with the compliments I get from them, usually from people you do not suspect.

Here is my newest one and I also got the matching checkbook wallet! Yep – got it in purple – my favorite color and perfect for Mardi Gras season! FYI – this is my largest purse ever! The last one I had was the small ring. Dang iPhone 4 with Otter Box did not fit in the smaller one. And this is a big purse for me, but it is tailored nicely so not overwhelming. Love the 3 pockets inside too! Hubby actually bought me a large one for Christmas but it was not tailored and I looked stupid in it. This one fits just right (think Baby Bear in chair).

Update: Forgot to add a couple of very important things…. 1. Their customer service is outstanding and 2. They are very reasonably priced!!!