Just got the call that we start our home kitchen remodel next Wednesday. This weekend will be all about getting everything moved out from the kitchen and bathroom to get ready. Everything is picked out but the plumbing and I hope to wrap that up this weekend as well. I’ll fill you in with all the details as we move along. We wanted to have everything selected before we started so we knew our numbers and would not stress when it begins. Regardless of how planned we are, it is still a little stressful thinking about it. And to think of not having a kitchen for a couple of months – UGH!

A little about our situation: We bought our house after Katrina and paid too much for it as it survived the storm unscathed. Our home equity loan numbers sucked! We live in a tree-lined older neighborhood on the Northshore of the greater New Orleans area. My husband and realtor chose the house while I was iced in Oklahoma with our house for sale. We knew this was going to be a permanent location and we chose to buy (maybe not a good choice) so we could be a family again (hubby was already here). It had 1,000 less square feet than the home we were in but it had a pool and was in the best school district. Turned out to be a great neighborhood for the kids – so we are happy! We knew it needed work and we already put in wood floors and remodeled our Master bath. The kitchen was in decent enough shape for the past 4 years, but now that the cabinet shelving is failing and a door broke in half – time to fix it so we can enjoy it. The last few months have been spent selecting everything and crunching numbers to make it work. There is a laundry room/bathroom off the kitchen that shares the same tile, so we had to do that too.

I wanted to give you some of our kitchen “Before” shots to start with. We are vaulting the ceilings in the kitchen area to match the living room next to it. We will bring a more contemporary look to the existing space. The pictures are of the actual kitchen space. There is an additional eating area next to the desk area (which is my office) and a wall of windows overlooking the pool. I’ll get video up later!

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