Well I have to say it…but so far…the kitchen and bath remodeling has been…going fabulously!!! It is going faster than I ever anticipated. When demolition began, I had 90% of the items picked out and many ordered. After a couple of days, I was actually in a bit of a panic to hurry up and complete the orders! Working from home has been a good thing as I am readily available to answer any questions on the spot. And there have been quite a lot: what height do I want the wall int he bathroom, is there enough light (light guy came out again), and then the electrical stuff. This house had lots of wires that did not make sense and trying to get things to work best for us or a future homeowner is imperative. The electricians have a little more work and then the sheetrock begins.

As of today:
* everything has been demolished and hauled off
* the ceilings have been vaulted
* air and heat ducts re-routed
* the preliminary plumping has been completed (I was in a panic when I had to commit to a shower for the rough valve). Phew just picked that out the day before and the valve was in stock.
* the electrical work is 80% done
* the framing of the new ceiling is completed

Next up…sheetrock!

Keep coming back – not only will I show the final product, but will have a complete list of where I purchased everything and who did the work!

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