Influx in Puppies Results in an LA/SPCA Puppy Party

New Orleans (February 14, 2011) – The Louisiana SPCA (LA/SPCA) will be hosting a Puppy Party on Saturday, February 19, 2011 from 10am-2pm at the Animal Rescue and Care Center at 1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. Following an influx in dogs under 4 months of age the LA/SPCA decided to approach these puppy adoptions in a festive way.

All puppies will be showcased at the Animal Rescue and Care Center. Volunteers will be on hand to assist with interactions and adoptions. Special puppy adoption sessions will be held every half hour starting at 10:20am to educate new pet owners on the joys and challenges of bringing a puppy home.

Standard adoption procedures apply. Renters are required to produce proof of pet friendly housing. A family with another dog will have to bring their dog in for a meet and greet with the new puppy. All family members should be present when picking out a puppy, including children. The LA/SPCA will not hold any puppies during this time period.

“We are so excited to throw this Puppy Party,” says Ana Zorrilla, LA/SPCA CEO, “we want these puppies to find loving forever homes as quickly as possible.”

Dogs under six months of age find homes much faster than any other animal in the Animal Rescue and Care Center. Armed with this knowledge and the irresistible cute factor of puppies, the LA/SPCA is confident all of the puppies will be in new homes by the end of the party.

The adoption fee for puppies under six months is $150. This fee includes spay/neuter, all vaccinations, microchipping, a bag of puppy food, two month supply of heartworm medication, and one month supply of flea medication, an over $400 value. Dogs over 6 months and over 20 lbs, and all cats and kittens are available as well. The adoption fee for these animals is $80.

The LA/SPCA plans to showcase at least 30 puppies under 4 months of age. Breeds range from Rottweiler to Louisiana Special (mutt).