Last weekend, my handsome hubby and I attended the Thoth Krewe’s ball. We were guests of the Queen’s family and I “recycled” my black, safe Tadashi gown from last year and added some borrowed, fun jewelery. Besides watching all the pomp and circumstance and the amazing costumes, part of the fun is people watching. Surprisingly, I was not overwhelmed with many of the dresses this year. The gals I was sitting with and I were asking each other to pick out our favorite dresses of the night and there were only a few to choose from. Few had the “wow” factor. For those of you unfamiliar with Mardi Gras balls, there are many teens in attendance as well. They definitely can get away with different things than I can! The dress requirement was full length gowns and tuxedos for the men (they have it so easy). So here goes my opinions and observations from Thoth:

* No matter how awesome your dress or your body…if you are going to spend the night fixing yourself and look uncomfortable – forget it! Tape and the tailor are your friend!
* Very few one shoulder dresses, considering how popular they are.
* Tons of Purple – heck it is Mardi Gras – I expect that!
* Only a few reds, lots of colors from the spectrum, very little white. Then again, much of the court is in white – so maybe not a great idea.
* The teen and 20 crowd wore lots of print dresses. You definitely have to be tall, skinny and young to pull these off.
* Minimal bling this year. Some rhinestones as dress accents but very few sequins gowns.
* Well endowed women should be proud of their assets, but to the 2 women who were…ummm….overflowing….less is more sometimes.
* Dancing shoes should be comfortable! If you intend on taking your shoes off – make sure you are not stepping on your dress.
* There were very few trains. Sorry lady I was dancing next to who had one. Ya – I unintentionally stepped on your train but am sure I was not the only one. I will never wear a train to a Mardi Gras ball again.
* My hubby prefers to rent his tie and vest for each event. That keeps things fresh and he always compliments me nicely. Fun Mardi Gras ties, vests and/or cummerbunds for men are awesome are plentiful!
* ***** If you feel beautiful in your gown – that is priority. Every woman should feel gorgeous – like a princess, queen or whatever you desire. It is a night to shine and have a good time! There really are no rules beyond the length of the dress on your ticket.

This weekend is the Original Krewe of Orpheus ball (hubby’s Krewe) – soooooo excited to wear my new fun “wow” dress! Hint…it is purple and one-shouldered.

***Make sure to read the awesome post on Mardi Gras fashion written by my friend Kerri-Anne.

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