The original post was put up on May 6, 2011. Now that we are in the middle of an election with Patricia Core running for re-election, I wanted to be sure St Tammany voters were informed. Do not miss the video. Oh – and here is the audit (PDF) in case you needed some reading material.


Yes folks, the drinks are on me and you and you and you and everyone who pays taxes in St. Tammany Parish. What the hell am I thinking not running for public office….they are charging for shoes with their work credit cards?! And Lordy…do I love my shoes – dying to have one of those red bottomed stilettos!!! Seriously, this is the most unique and amazing credit card in the world as it comes with perks beyond belief! It is such a relief to know that people who are in charge of assessing my property taxes are enjoying their job and living large. I now understand why they do not have time to go back and see if new constructions have changed their Homestead Exemption status! As for perks on this card…you ready? You can use it for jewelry, shoes, fine dining, cocktails at any hours of the day (if you call it a business lunch *wink wink*), cigars and soooo much more. Here is the best part…you never have to pay for it yourself because “someone else” is paying for it!

Does anyone know a good Urologist for Patricia Core? Poor thing must have issues as she was in a the bathroom a lot while George (got thrown under the bus) and Steve (also under the bus) Campbell were swilling cocktails!

Bravo Lee Zurik and everyone who tipped him off!

Updated Oct 4 PM. Here is a link to show how biz is done here.

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  1. LOL! When I looked at the headline, I thought you were making offers.

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