There is a lot of political poo-flinging in St. Tammany right now, but I would expect nothing less here. There also seems to be a movement to get some local incumbents out. If signs were to win elections, the incumbents would win -the streets is littered with them. But hopefully the people of St. Tammany are smarter than voting for someone based on name recognition alone (please tell me they are). When it comes to the on-going “good ole boy network,” one simply needs to play an easy game of connect the dots to figure who is tied together (hint – clumps of signs in targeted property areas). Most children are savvy enough to draw the conclusion that they are all related somehow:)

Many of the jobs being campaigned for are low paying which should bring a red flag of questions when studying a candidate. What would this candidate gain from this position if elected or elected again? Is there an ulterior motive to them gaining this position?

Sooooo….how about those newbies with low budgets, such as Pat Phillips and Maureen O’Brien, walking doors and busting their humps to get some signs up, fliers printed and making a true grassroots effort? Will they get your vote or be over-looked because they do not have political experience? Is that a bad thing?

In a perfect world, each voter will take time to research each candidate. That would probably involve some time to Google them, visit their sites, visit local news station sites and to find out more about them.

Vote early and vote often….kidding…make your votes count!

Get your sample ballot here.

If you want to play connect the dots with campaign contributions, click here.

Everything you need to know about voting in St. Tammany can be found here.

By the way – if you want to play a fun game I have heard many are playing – go click around to see who is paying their fair share of property taxes here. Also, head on over to and type in property assessment and the names of some candidates. Just saying…