Sir J.J. Witmeyer attended Grandparent’s book fair day at my Princess’s school, yesterday. She was proud to show him off and as an extra treat – got to bring him to class for a live show and tell on WWII. 5th graders may not know a lot about WWII, but I know he made quite an impression on them. Which brings me to my blog title. J.J. is always cracking jokes with others and yesterday was no different. One Grandma came up to him and once she figured out he was 90 years young, asked him what was his trick to looking so good and having such a great mind. J.J.’s response was, “Cognac and Beautiful Women.” I just love this guy!

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  1. So bummed that I didn’t get the chance to meet Sir JJ when I was back home…and their was a great story on Steve Gleason, he played for the saints is from Washington state originally was diagnosed with ALS and is some kind of spokesman for the city of New Orleans and likwe you was born somewhere else but La is home…I thought of you intially confused why NOLA will always be my hometown eventhough I wasn’t born nor reared there just lessed to have lived there in the 80’s….ciao!….nikki

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