Yesterday, I loaded up the car with the kiddos and headed to see The Muppets. This is the first Muppet movie since Disney took over ownership and it was a true crowd pleaser. I brought 2, 11 year olds, a 13 year old and a 15 year old. Now the kids look at the Muppets differently than me, who could not wait for the weekly show to come on as a kid! I LOVED the show – everything about it, the characters, the singing, the silliness and the celebrities mixed in the bunch. I was telling my 13 yo about the weekly show the other day, and he never realized they were on TV, thought only movies (which he had seen). When the show opened by introducing, Walter, the new character, followed by a bit of a “campy” singing and dancing number, my fear was that this would be a far cry from the Muppets I loved as a kid. But it quickly turned right back to traditional Muppet entertainment as the story developed. Amy Adams was adorable in the movie as was Jason Segel (the human stars). I did not bring my husband and I am not sure he would have enjoyed it like I did, but then again, he was never a Muppets fan. Kids of all ages will be entertained and I look forward to a new generation of Muppet fans being born. There was a little girl holding her Miss Piggy doll waiting to go in (too cute) I would sooooo welcome a weekly show back! Now go see it!

Mahna mahna – yep – this tune is stuck in my head!!! Actually, at the preview of this show, we were lead in this. The grown-ups all knew the whole song and the kids copied along – it was pretty cute!

And a little holiday Christmas tree safety tip for you! Poor Beaker!

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Thank you to Different Drummer for allowing me this preview privilege.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I am so glad to hear that someone from my generation wasn’t disappointed by and actually liked the movie. I don’t even have kids but I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Actually Disney has done terrible movies with the Muppets since they’ve owned them. There’s the made for TV, Wizard of Oz and then there was also Muppets in Space from the 90s that got a theatrical release. It’s like they didn’t know what to do with them.

    Also seasons 1-3 of the Muppet Show are on DVD. Season 4 and beyond are stalled over music rights. How I wish the stars would align on those.

    Can you tell I’m a HUGE muppet fan?

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