Going through all kinds of trials and tribulations that are just part of life, makes you who you are. Whether something I could not control or choices I made to set my balance off, there have truly been many challenges along the way. I’m so happy now, madly in love with my husband (been together 20 years now), have 3 kids who I adore and who also give me gray hair (thank goodness for hair color) and finally have my own company, Kickify. I make time for working out, friends, family, the pets and leisure the best I can. Sigh…how did it take me 44 years to get to this place? Better late than never!!! And as life goes on…I certainly expect something to knock my balance off again some day – but now I know what “my life balance” truly feels like and will hurry to get back to it!

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  1. I think you’ve done pretty well in 44 years! May the balancing act go on for many more. Happy Birthday, Greta. Eat some lovely Louisiana food for me………

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