“Thought-provoking and possibly debate-invoking, Bulls Bears and the Ballot Box has a lot to offer the American voter. Economy novices and experts alike are sure to appreciate this entertaining read with a unique angle on a complex subject. Although I may vote differently than the authors, I highly recommend this book regardless of one’s political persuasion.” ~Greta Perry~

In my wildest dreams (or nightmares), would I ever feed into either of my two fears: clown and numbers! So here I am writing a book review about a book that deals with numbers and in a sense, talks about clowns (politicians). If you have followed me over the years, you know I used to be heavily into the political scene, but have since backed down to focus on work. And FYI – I found too much negative energy drain coming from it…I am after all, “The Princess of Positive.”

Why on Earth would I pick up a book like this after just having put down the number one and most poorly-written smut seller of all time (Shades of Grey confession)? Well…you never know who you are going to sit with on a flight. I had the pleasure of sitting with, Bob Deitrick, one of the authors of this book, Bulls Bears and the Ballot Box . We had another outstanding guy sitting on the other side and we chatted my whole pre-Momcation flight. I happened to be finishing up a book I was reviewing and next thing you know we are in a full out conversation about life, politics and books. I offered to review his book and now he is also my Kickify client. That being said, my policy is to only give honest and positive ones. If I do not like the book – no review – win win for authors and their media team.

***Full disclosure: The authors are my clients, but I was not paid for this or any book review – ever!