This bubble tree is starting to look like a good idea when I have a bad allergic reaction! It has been about 36 hours since my bottom lip blew up the size of both of Angelina Jolie’s lips – combined! Looks like I decided to skip the top lip for Restylane after thoroughly plumping the bottom one! I’ve been fairly useless beyond work, living in a Benadryl haze. This morning I had to break out the prednisone as things were not better and I look like Angelina now got punched on her bottom lip. Now I am not writing this looking for sympathy (humor is better – the kids and hubby are having fun calling me new names). It is just another post to inform people that you can live life to its’ fullest with severe allergies. I wrote an extensive post regarding all my allergies here.

The problem with this newest breakout is that I have not identified the cause yet. My lips have swelled from wine and shellfish, and certainly those are off my list. Tossing my lipstick (sniff sniff) just in case that was the culprit. Anything latex around? Who knows. Just met up with an old friend who found out she was severely allergic to beef. pork, turkey and wheat. I do not eat anything that walked, so safe there. I did eat a part of a muffin with some mixed nuts and tossed those out. That may have been it, but that brings in a new fun allergy. We will see…..

And for the record, my hubby just decided to take out an insurance policy on me and was asking me questions the other day. If he treats me to a dinner of red wine, oysters, clam chowder with balloons all around, I will know he is trying to cash on it. LOL!

A classic Seinfeld clip with Bubble Boy.

3 Replies to “My Allergic LIfe”

  1. Don’t know if this will help or not, but last year I had a few cases of lip swelling, throat swelling. My MD finally figured out that I was allergic to my blood pressure med – lisinopril – it, rarely, causes what they call angioedema – randomly caused severe swelling of the mouth and throat. I stopped it, and have not had an issue since. Hope this may help……..

  2. Well, I hope thats it. Your symptoms sounded very similar. It really freaked me out when I woke up at 3 AM with my lip 5 times the normal size. You really need to talk to your MD, tomorrow……. BTW, alcohol makes it worse. Look it up on Wikipedia.


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