I blogged about my luxury SUV shopping adventure with this post and this one. I finally decided on the 2013 Infiniti JX35 – its was not a monster truck on wheels and still offered extra seating for seven. We used USAA car buying service and unfortunately our local Infiniti dealer was not part of that program nor able to match the price. So, we ordered from the closest dealer which was 2 hours away from Herrin-Gear Infiniti Jackson, MI. They were awesome and they even delivered it to my door!!!

Do I love it? YES!!! Have I studied the manual and figured it all out yet. Nope- on my to do list. I love playing with technology so probably need to get on that as some thing are not easy to figure out. My only complaint is that I need to sit about 4 inches higher as the side mirror is so big it blocks my view when taking a left. Maybe Infiniti will read this post and customize it for me:)

Thanks honey – Garnet was for our 18 year anniversary. I love my new ride and you!!!

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