Palms_of_HopeAnyone who knows me, knows that I have thoroughly enjoyed a morning cup of coffee (or 2 or 3) for the past 15 years. I can’t believe I did not drink coffee in college, but that is another story! Most weekday mornings, I post something on Facebook, related to coffee as my first post of the day. People send me and tag me in coffee posts too, so there is no end in site of this tradition. My FB pal, Joe Sanson, told me he would like to send me some of his coffee as a birthday gift. bag of Palms of Hope coffee arrived yesterday and this AM, my Bravo TV “Mazel” mug was filled with it. I must say, it was spectacular. When I went to check out the website, I was so impressed to read that this coffee was tied to a cause and was mission driven. The business model is based upon helping children in El Salvador.

Some facts from the site about children in El Salavador:

1 in 10 Children have been orphaned or abandoned.
There are approximately 6000 abandoned children.
80% of the children suffer from malnutrition
59% of the population live below the poverty level
Jobs pay as little as $0.60 per day
Cost of Living essentials are as costly as in the US.
80% have no sanitation, 93% have no electricity
270,000 minors work as street vendors
30% of children do not attend primary school
15% of children graduate 12th grade.

So…..if you know a coffee lover and want to give them a gift with some thought behind it, I would say Palms of Coffee is a win win! It has my vote!