-2Back in 1985, I remember taking off on my own whirlwind tour to visit colleges within 250 miles from my home. I repeated that again in 1989-90 for Graduate school and expanded my perimeter.

Now that I am going through it with my own high school junior, it is a whole new adventure. He works hard and deserves the best opportunities that are available to him.

I am so blessed to have so many friends offer up their knowledge of the process and tidbits of words of wisdom. After all, this is a different story when it is “your baby.” So many questions:

1. How far away from home do you want them to be? Do they want to be?
2. Is their ACT score high enough for scholarship opportunities? Can it be higher with tutoring (I’ll let you know when we finish)/
3. In Louisiana they qualify for 4 years of paid education for Undergrad through the TOPS program, but what if they want out of state? Do you limit them?
4. What do they want to do when they grow up? Only took me 40 years to figure that out LOL!
5. Location preferred – city, urban?
6. Do they want to have residential campus opportunities for more than one year?
7. How big of a school?
8. Private or Public? $$$

I like the advice I got from a dear friend who does this at college, she told me to let him look wherever he wants and to not let price deter as there are lots of scholarship opportunities.

I found a great resource here that I would certainly give a try.

We have to squeeze in a few more visits in the next few weeks as we were told to have him to apply to at least 5 schools. Makes sense – so going to “geaux” for it:)