JJ_Greta_Kentucky DerbyIf you have been following along for years on this blog or on my social media, you will know I have a very special place in my heart for WWII Veterans. Sir JJ Witmeyer, who was born and raised in New Orleans and lives in Harahan, is one that I am honored to call my friend. Whether we end up at the French Consulates house, attend a start-studded event at the WWII Museum or just go to lunch, we are certainly like peas and carrots. Some things are meant to be, and last weekend I was honored to attend the Kentucky Derby with “My Knight” as he was an invited guest of Rick Porter, the owner of Normandy Invasion.

You can read a lot more about this event and all the news articles over at my other blog, Hooah Wife and Friends.


Betsy Porter and JJ

Victoria Keith is Rick Porter’s fabulous assistant and a new friend

JJ_Victoria Keith
Rick Porter, the owner of Normandy Invasion

JJ_Rick Porter_2013
Chad Brown, Normandy Invasion’s Trainer

JJ_Chad Brown_2013
Jenny an Suzie, our Derby volunteer awesomeness

JJ betting on Normandy Invasion. He came in 4th, but he was still a big winner!


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