So my pal Cara over at Peanuts Are Evil, who also happens to be one of my contractors at Kickify, tagged me on a Facebook post tonight. There was a story run on WDSU titled, Mommy Blogging Sweeps Through The Big Easy and my blog was linked at the end. I was kind of shocked (really shocked) to be grouped with these fabulous ladies who talk about their kids and do awesome product endorsements, as I hardly do that. Though I do occasionally meet up with them for events and opportunities such as Cirque du Soleil or Backstage with the Penguins.

Actually, my roots stem from being a Military Blogger (Milblogger) and that blog still remains active today (since 2004), called Hooah Wife and Friends. When I moved to St Tammany Parish (about 40 minutes from New Orleans), in 2007, I started this blog to write about my local experiences. Somehow NOLA.com ended up carrying my blog for a couple of years and though I have evolved in what I write about, still keep this one going too.

Anyhoo, it is an honor to be listed among these ladies who do such amazing stuff. Blogging and social media have been part of my life for many years and I thank all who have stopped by to read what I wrote and connected with me somehow. I’ve always said that blogging is my free therapy and I can see myself doing it for the rest of my life.

Off to deal with the reality that I have a lot on my plate this summer… I work full time for my company from home, have college tours to go on (almost 17), have a second one starting driver’s ed (15) awhile keeping my youngest (12) entertained and of course…do that domestic goddess stuff while hubby works outside the home.

The bar is stocked…the pool is ready…bring on the summer vacation! Geaux bloggers!!!!