Scott_ChuloI can’t imagine what life was like before “pets.” Growing up I never had any as the allergist claimed I never could (he can KMA lol). Marrying a cat person, it was inevitable that at least cats would become part of our lives. Then there came Chulo- my first and only dog! Ten years ago, the kids and I were at Petsmart and there was the cutest puppy – ever! My son, Scott, begged for him and somehow he ended up in our home.

Chulo is horrible on a leash, is the terror of the neighborhood when walking, failed 3 rounds of pet training (Cesar Milan would retire after Chulo), gets in the cat food and litter boxes, doesn’t have a dog friend in the world, likes cats & thinks he is one and LOVES kids. He is as loyal a family dog as one could ask for.

Now that he is getting up in age, it is time to think about getting another to add to the chaos. My oldest has one more year before college and the 2 other kids are begging for a dog…it may be time. I have no expectations of anyone doing the pet work but me. Been there, done that, heard that one before (I promise I”ll take care of it…).

Now to figure out what kind of dog will best suit our family. My husband is all about “smart” and loves German Shepherds (too big). So, I turned to my personal Facebook and asked what dogs people had, have had or would want. I can’t believe the variety of the answers and spent a lot of time looking up different kinds of dogs. That post really helped me narrow down my decisions.

Having a very soft spot for animals and wanting to continue to support my vets fancy lifestyle (haha), I think a “mixed breed” or “mutt” rescue will work best for the Perry family. If all goes well, we will be on the hunt for a new family member at the beginning of August (kids go to school the 9th).

Yep – Mama has the new dog itch and needs to stop surfing on the web as ALL puppies are CUTE!



***I wrote about how awesome pets and Alzheimer’s go together here and saying good-bye to a pet here.