My family and I have been bigs fans of vacationing in Destin, even before we had to travel farther than 4.5 hours. We have made many memories there and will continue to go back at least once or twice a year. Over the past 10 years, we have enjoyed the beaches and surrounding areas of Destin and even thought the kids are older, tend to flock to the same things. We tend to not eat out very much and spend a lot of quality family time together.

1. Enjoy the beach as much as humanly possible! If others get bored or burnt – too bad (LOL).
2. Hanging with family and friends at a rented house or condo, playing board games and barbecuing.
3. Getting a Margarita at the Crab Trap beach bar. Yum!
4. The inflatable slides and trampolines near the Whale’s Tail. (they give military discounts)
5. Stopping by theoutlets on a rainy day or after the last day checkout.
6. Renting a boat, or better yet, getting invited on a boat and hanging at Crab Island.
7. Getting Red Velvet and Key Lime donuts from The Donut Hole.
8. Making a trip to Candymaker at Destin Commons.
9. Go Karts at The Track.
10. Hit up the swimming pool on the property for a break (kids not me).

And FYI – I’m not getting paid to list any of these places.

As far as rental properties, most the time we stick with Resortquest.