I’ve been on the road for one week now. I’m traveling with my teen boys to do the “college tour thing,” while getting the most of our travels. My boys may joke that I’m “old,” “un-fun” and “boring,” but they are now the ones falling into their hotel beds LOL! As we just got into our hotel, I was trying to take inventory of all we have squeezed in to the last 48 hours of our journey. I am sharing this with you for yucks, but mostly for my own personal documentation as my blogs are the only journals I keep.

After spending Sunday touring Historic Williamsburg, we headed to The University of Richmond and headed to Georgetown for our Monday night stay. We dropped my youngest son at his friends, went for a killer run and then walked the entire are of Georgetown and grabbed a quick bite.

Tuesday morning…that is when the marathon began!

* Got up early and didKickify work!
* Walked around Georgetown and got breakfast at a local coffee shop close to campus (always a good way to feel the vibe).
* Met my friend and Georgetown grad school grad, Greg Gadson for a beer and pizza for lunch (I was still stuffed & only had a beer). He briefed my son on a bunch about the area & the school.
* Attended the Georgetown info session and walking tour for 2 hours!
* Headed on the Metro to meet my younger son at the Pentagon.
* Got an amazing Pentagon tour from our friend who was extremely well-versed on the displays and history of each and every thing! Since he’s a Marine and knows my hubby- he played on the Marine angle – hysterical! Quizzed the boys all the way through!
* Walked from the Metro all the way to and through Georgetown with both boys.
* Ate dinner at The Tombs – a Georgetown hangout.
* Crashed and burned!
* Got up early and worked for Kickify!
* Checked out and headed out on the Metro
* Was at the Air and Space Museum for 10.
* Hit the Natural History Museum at noon.
* Walked across to meet an old friend and her boys at the amazing Old Ebbitt Grill.
* Back on the Metro to the hotel.
* Got the car and headed towards Gettysburg.
* Did the car tour of Gettysburg and climbed the PA statue for the amazing view.
* Drove to Easton PA.
* Ate late at Pearly Baker’s Alehouse – got a little feel for the area.
* Checked into the Eastonian!

Ready for the Lafayette College tour tomorrow and then off for more adventures! And FYI I love audiobooks! On the second Dean Koontz Odd Thomas book now.

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  1. Debbi – you recommended them and that is why I got them. You have never steered me wrong!

  2. You are a Super Mom Greta. Thanks for sharing your journey with us! Safe travels 🙂

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