944325_371432106292337_1806216737_nI’ve been involved in some sort of volunteer military support, since I met my husband 21 years ago. Some of it has been through positions, while much of it takes place behind the scenes. Though I’ve come to love my support roles behind the scenes, I was honored to be asked to sit on the board of directors of a new Louisiana military support non-profit called Louisiana Heroes Project.

You may ask:
1. how I could put any more on my plate
2. why get involved in a position again.

Well…after much thought and discussion with my husband, we decided that this was the perfect fit to give back and to keep it local in Louisiana. I have known Tawney Tallo, one of the the founders of the organization, for years. I’ve always thought her support philosophy to align with mine and she is one heckuva volunteer leader so I am happy to help her make things happen for Louisiana’s military!


The Mission of Louisiana Heroes Project:
Our mission is to provide emergency financial, education, employment and morale assistance to our Louisiana service members, wounded warriors, veterans an their families. Our purpose is to provide a program that does not stop at financial assistance but leads to a path of financial recovery. We assist in education assistance, financial recovery and job placement with military friendly companies who are aware of their obligations of duty.

How Louisiana Heroes Project is Different
We are dedicated to keeping it local. When you support Louisiana Heroes Project, you are supporting the service members who are residents of our state and members of our communities. ALL FUNDS STAY IN THE STATE OF LOUISIANA FOR OUR LOUISIANA HEROES. Not only are you supporting the service member stationed in Louisiana but you are supporting the soldier who teaches our children, the marine reservists that delivers our mail, the coast guardsman who works at the local bank, the air national guardsmen that delivers your groceries, the veteran who served honorably or the family who sacrifices time with their loved ones so we can sleep safely at night.

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I shop local, buy local and now I have a chance to support local military….for the WIN!!!