ElaineI Have a Profile!

Once again my Infiniti ended up in the shop and the laughs with my husband began. Why? Because we always joke that I have a profile there, like Elaine did in Seinfeld’s “The Package” episode. She finds out that her chart has “a difficult patient” written on it and will go to ¬†every extreme to have it removed from here record, or to steal the record with it written on it.

I broke my rule for the second time, and bought a vehicle during its’ first year! Figured…Infiniti, how could it be anything less than perfection? Well when you are the first one to experience issues with your vehicle, you just might be given the “difficult client” label. I love my vehicle, and am grateful for owning it, but it does have its’ flaws. Yesterday I picked it up and the microphone system was replaced as it sounded like I was speaking in a Cracker Jack box when on bluetooth. I tried it out already and it seems much better. Crossing fingers it stays that way.

The next issue was that all my radio presets and seat settings, magically disappeared without changing the battery. This one has me scratching my head. Seems this is a non-fixer and labeled a “technology too bad for you flaw.” We reset everything before I left and I was told that changing key fobs would possibly mess up all the settings again as they are on the key fob. Hmmm really? So each key fob is apparently like its’ own WordPress login? OK ….I’m buying it.

And UGH!!! when I returned home, my son asked me if I spoke to them about the way back, where the plastic seems to be pushed out from the inside. I’m almost willing to live with this one as I am sure “the difficult client” probably got her imaginary fairy ¬†inside the car molding and poked it from the inside out!

Started thinking, that I probably have profiles at several places (I know at least 2 docs I won’t be seeing again)….hehehehe and so do you!!!!

Picture borrowed from here.