df586fbf3aae5ec04551921df8e3a269Last week, I posted the following status on my Facebook regarding “annoying sayings:” The answers were flippin’ hysterical. so I had to share!!! I removed names to protect the innocent LOL!

“Ive been knowing him….” the one phrase I draw blood as I bite my tongue so hard, refraining from correcting. What phrase is your trigger (no politics please)?” 

“Back in the day…” I hate that.

“like a boss” somehow never see that as a positive since bosses are typically a-holes. I’d rather be a leader than a boss.

“Revert back” – redundancy at its worst!

I don’t feel “good”, or when someone pronounces the “t” in often

“HELLO? HELLO?”. 2. “Been there done that”.

“My bad”

“Right now”

“As i bite my tongue so hard”. Jk

I’m going to bring my child to the doctor.

“It is what it is.” Ugh!

“Have his cake and eat it too” why in the world would anyone have a cake and not eat it?

“On tomorrow,” and “on today” kill me.

“That really impacted me.” Impact wasn’t a verb until this sentence–makes me think of wisdom teeth.

I  haven’t seen you in a minute and at the end of the day

Cash money

new pronunciation of the word “didn’t” or anything with n’t on it…….the millennial generation is saying it like ( di dint)…..drives me bonkers!

“ideals” instead of “ideas”

 I could care less instead of I couldn’t care less.·

“they got off the car” were they riding on the roof?

“you must…….” The hell I do. You may want me to, but attempting to force me almost always ensures I won’t.”Had went” makes me crazy. I can’t stand “had been knowing” either, tho! 

Can I axe you a question?” NO but you can ask me! Or “Can you help me skretch?”

They done, he done, we done.

My son and some of his buddies say they were “versing” a different team instead of “playing against” or something along those lines. It cracks me up though, because it’s common to say “it’s Milford versus Anderson”, so it makes sense why they would think that there were “versing” Anderson, since they’re on the Milford team.

Whenever my Mom says “___, you know what you need to do is… “, I shut down. haha. Whatever follows “is” usually isn’t something I want or need to do.


“Take it to the next level”. “Thinking outside the box”

“I seen him/her *shudder*

“Just so we’re on the same page” or “totes”

Post K, the phrase “ramp up” makes me want to go postal. BTW, thinking outside the box is not necessarily good. Ask any cat owner.

“At the end of the day…”

“to perfection,” as in “cooked to perfection.” The phrase drives me bats.y’all 

“It is what it is.” <<<—- I hope you can hang on to that pithy philosophy when I take a baseball bat to your knees. Also, “You should…” I don’t say that to others and I expect the same level of respect from them.

“proactive” and “paradigm”? Aren’t these just buzzwords that dumb people use to sound important?

 Y’all sounds much better than “youse guys” and that’s all I hear up here in the Northeast. Y’all is a contraction for you all

I had a co-worker who always pronounced it para-dig-em.

“I’m just sayin…”


“ya know what I mean?” after every sentence!

“outside the box.”

“To be honest…” What..You’re not usually?

 “I’ve known her/lived here since I’m [age].”

 We’re fixin’ to… Over usage of the word “myself” i.e. “If you have any questions, please respond to Dave or myself.” “Invitees include Mary, Pete, and myself.”

Folks, “me” is still a perfectly acceptable word and using “myself” in its place makes you look stupid, not smart.


In addition to the “myself” the use of I instead of me- Please respond to Dave or I.

I did it “on” accident instead of “by” accident.


Right after I typed this, I read a comment on another post that started “Myself and some other people were visiting….”
Keep in mind, “myself” can’t DO anything.

“What have you”

What not

Oh – and when people use “that” instead of “who”

irregardless, pre-ven-TA-tive

 Literally – as in “I literally froze my ass off” – I want to see that.

 “It’s mines …or can I aks you a question”

 Him and me were conversating….

Will you itch me?

I’ve been knowing him? TMI

Not tonight I have a headache …

you have to stay at least 500 feet away from her or be arrested… Dang..

Glad you axed me dat. For all intensive purposes we need to nip that in the butt.

I could care less. (Ask, intents & purposes, bud, couldN’T care)


 I seen

All of the above…+ aksed instead of asked ..and my new favorite. I amn’t ….

hate the buzz phrase – reach out to – gets under my skin – just like – i’m just saying

Listening to NPR yesterday and the interviewee kept saying the phrase, “not in our wheel house” over and over. So, just what is a wheel house?

“I seen” and stuff like “they going..” What happened to “they’re”?!??

 I seen, we was, we should have went…..etc

Basically… This word is used too often in conversation!

not a phrase but I can’t stand when people say “expresso” or “exspecially”

I’ll Axe him

“Let me be clear.”

 “good enough for government work” Need I say more?

 I reckon you’re right. I’m fixin to excise that from my vocabulary.

“It’s a mute point.”

 “my bad” just pisses me off.

the ubiquitous (and loathesome) “It is what it is”

“It’s a mute point.”

growing up i didn’t realize that “whore” and “who-er” were the same word..

please add twerking. That word can die now.