10_2013-CerasoliLast night, I was invited to “Drinks with Bob Cerasoli,” along with a select group of people. This gathering took place because they were in New Orleans for an Inspector General’s conference. I love my crazy life and all the unique relationships I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to make along the way. Bob and I have a  funny story of  how we become acquainted and kept in touch. I knew one other besides Bob, when I entered the Swizzle Stick Bar. This is only the second time we ever met in person and this gathering did not disappoint. I was truly honored to be welcomed into this Inspector General Circle of Trust.

The question from many in his well-established circle was, “How do you two know each other.” Being that my memory is shorter than that of a common houseplant, and he was a little sketchy on details too, it took a little jarring and the story actually came out.

So here is the documented timeline:

JANUARY 2008: Back in January of 2008, I did a post on this very blog, which also was published on NOLA.com at the time, about an interview with my Dad, regarding his impressions of Bob Cerasoli. If you knew my Dad, he was a total cut-up. However, when it came to MA, his favorite saying was, “dirty politicians.” Also, if you knew anything about the Big Dig, Dad’s joke was to go up to workers and ask when they would be done and then walk away laughing. You can read it here!

APRIL 21, 2008: Then in April of 2008, I somehow (don’t ask – ya – my life is crazy), ended up with a radio show in New Orleans and put out a call for guests on my blog. This is where the story gets better, I got a comment from none other than Robert Cersaoli himself (you never know who really reads your stuff). He responded:

APRIL 22, 2008:

Robert A. Cerasoli April 22, 2008 at 8:31 pm [
It is get even time. My daughter is coming down from Boston for Jazzfest. She was offended by your father’s comments about my work in Boston. I told her you were the “Princess of Positive” and that you were having some fun. If you want us to go on your radio show together, that would be fun. Seeing your from Randolph and I’m from Quincy, and we both love the Red Sox. By the way, if anyone wants to look at all the work your father said I didn’t do, be my guest at http://www.getcited.org/mbrx/PT/99/MBR/11100309. Hope to hear from you. Keep up the good work. I love your blog.

APRIL 26, 2008: So on April 26, 2008 my SECOND show EVER – I had Bob in studio and his daughter Kacey on the phone. We played “pronounce the New Orleans street signs.” It was wicked pissa funny! And ugh that podcast is corrupted. I saved most during my time:(

JANUARY 30, 2009: Bob departed from New Orleans and I reached out to him and subsequently wrote this post.

So this in a nutshell, is how I got to know the famous and amazing Bob Cerasoli. Even more wicked pissa awesomeness is that we’ve kept in touch all these years and we have some super-secret ring-decoder plans for Kickify to build a website for him. I truly LOVE my life and every day am so grateful for all the people who are in it!  He is WICKED SMAHT and HONEST! And that my friends, is what a true Southern or Yankee Gentleman is all about!

*** If you dig in my archives Sept 2007 I welcomed him to NOLA with a smile!