Vote for Joe Merrick: The Voice Extra Rally

It is not every day, that Joe Merrick, the super “cool kid” from JR. high band, who you may have had a crush on or not,  gets a video audition sent to the Voice and you have a chance to vote. Ya, Joe and I go back to JFK Junior High, Randolph, MA, band, where I would like to think we were the “cool kids” in the band. At least one of us was and only one of us had musical talent:)

According to his voting site:

Joe Merrick is competing to win Extra’s The Voice Bootcamp Experience! The winner will get made over by The Voice stylists and get a lesson from The Voice vocal coach – all in preparation for an exclusive one-on-one audition with The Voice casting director!

To learn more about the super-talented Joe Merrick, go visit:


One of my all time favorite songs of Joe’s, is “Just in Case.” A tribute to Veterans! And my pal from birth, David Dicenso, can be seen playing on drums in this video.

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