I’ve decided that this blog will be 100% G-rated (G for Greta, great, general audience).  My kids are so excited about it and they want to read it too.  I don’t let them read my other blog as sometimes it can be PG-13. Now the big challenge is to get them to enjoy all the Mardi Gras festivities on a G-rated level.  I am already planning a weekend with kids & Cotillion sisters (no men invited) to  Mobile, Alabama.  I hear this is worth a trip & the flashing & public urination will be at a minimum.  I have a 10 yo boy who is starting to notice this kind of stuff – so best to shield him for a little longer (plenty of time for that later).  I also hear the 2 parades in Mandeville are great & family friendly – YAY!!!  Now to get organized – back to unpacking boxes – yuck!

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