New thing to add to my resume “PARADE HO!” Today my chants were “Hey Mista Flahrety or O’Donnell – You got a medallion?” My odds were pretty good on those names!

Gosh, I’m getting to old to drink in the middle of the day. The twist on the Irish Channel Parade was that it is up close and personal. The street is narrow & the floats were small and many of the parade was groups of guys in tuxes walking in groups. I kissed more Irishmen today than I did in High School when I dated my share of Southie & Irish boys.

Hubby thought it was a hoot that in order for me to get something handed to me I had to give out kisses & my daughter puckered up too. The boys definitely did not get as much as the girls! Probably not a good idea to teach her to smooch strangers for stuff. (don’t want her to become a parade prostitute)

Cabbage, Potatoes, flowers, beads, scallions, carrots, stuffed animals, Irish Spring, trinkets & kisses!!!

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  1. Hello Greta! This is the fellow Gator you met at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in New Orleans! It was great meeting you and your family, and y’all made that day much fun. Thanks for giving me your fun website. I hope the kids are doing better with their allergies, and that Louisiana will bring you much joy. I know you’ll be cheering for the Gators on Saturday, and hopefully when we get to the Final game on Monday. Goooooooo Gators!! Denise from Texas.

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